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History click photo to enlarge, do you know that, google Location History tracks your every move via your smartphone? Author's note: I do noticed though that it is not accurate enough modells printable coupons in the sense that it sometimes shows a nearby area as my location for a certain time. Click photo to enlarge, but don't worry, you can delete your information (for one day or all of it). Newer Post, older Post, home, subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). But that might take some more proving or triangulation to prove (what if you don't have your phone with you)? You have to be logged into your Google account and click here to access your history; and this tracking seems to be automatic on every Android phone.

It s pretty s like someone watches over you day in, day out.
Someone is tracking your movements and knows exactly where you are.
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Get the latest updates via our Facebook page! On the contrary, can this be admissible later on as evidence in court to show where one is? Google Location History can provide you historical information of your whereabouts, especially if you can't recall where you went on a specific day. If one knows your Google password, he/she can instantaneously know where you are. Someone is tracking your movements and knows exactly where you are. Look, it also has a "play" button that shows how you travelled during that day. You can view where you went last week, last month, or even a year ago. Or it shows that I moved when in fact I didn't. Why is this good (advantage)? It's like someone watches over you day in, day out. It can provide you an idea of how far you've traveled within the day and also when you usually move and when you don't (of course, part of it is when you are sleeping).

Click photo to enlarge. Click photo to enlarge, why is this bad (disadvantage)? For good or bad, the data is also archived. Maybe the cell towers had a hard time triangulating my location and pointed to the wrong area. While Shane remained unconvinced, Ryan left believing many spirits remain trapped within the facilitys walls, but whether or not Pennhurst State School and Hospital is definitively haunted remains unsolved.