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day and talked to John Rogers who rescheduled my washer for Friday December. She was unapologetic for the error, told us we had signed the paperwork adn we were responsible. I will therefore seek legal advice, as they have taken my money and have forfeited their side of the contract. Was not able to fit, per Home Depot contractor. When I entered the building Yavonne was the cashier. Then, Cesar said, while he was approaching me and getting very avila lighthouse suites promo code close to me "why don't you take your tiles and leave?" At this point, I was afraid for my safety and felt like he would strike. I asked why due to no fault of my own could I not be scheduled the next day to compensate the cancellation of my delivery today. It is a choice we would have never selected.

Yes after a few months they sent me a new door, but it was not the one I chose. He informed me that my card is void and hung the phone up without an explanation.

I spoke with someone who called the distributer and assured me that if I ordered it through Home Depot and paid for it by end of day Tuesday, April 21st, it would be in by Friday, April 24th, 2015. This sounded very strange in that I had previously given my info to his employee and that he should have been the first person to call me to resolve the issue. Thank you Juergen Kopp W reno AVE oklahoma city OK /01/18 cashier naomi 6800W reno AVE oklahoma city OK cashier naomi Rene Romero sr from Aurora, IL Jun 01, 2018 I would rate it no stars, but was not able to undo the lite star. Keep in mind the relatively high APR (up.99!). I work people I can't just take off.