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parking. The Main Pool is great, lots of stuff happening all the time. The Privilege area is completely separate from the rest of the resort. A good night's sleep at a hotel located close to the airport can alleviate the fear of missing your flight due to heavy traffic, bad weather or airport security measures. If we stayed by the pool, we were gulf world marine park discount coupons constantly badgered by staff trying to get us to do some day trips or or one of their timeshare presentations. Receive a discount when you book ahead and get up to 10 days free parking! If we went to the beach, we were harassed by the local venders of the "shopping village" who wouldn't leave us alone, even if we told them we weren't interested. Lamps are present, but light bulbs were missing. Shuttles pick you up when you return and drop you off at your car and also offer luggage assistance. The reef is made up of a series of 30 foot partially submerged oblong membranes that really detracted from the scenic beauty of the ocean. Evening entertainment is dire no one stays as its so shocking, last year we went to Mexico and everything was perfect Im just gutted our only two week holiday of the year was so bad!

Check out our new partnership with Lyft, a nationwide ride sharing company. My wife and I have been all over the world on different trips, this was easily our the worst one we've gone. Nice resort poor room, james. The room was amazing and the food was delicious.

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And Ive also got photo proof of this problem! If you are a PC member looking for a quiet vacation, this is perfect. If you like walking on the beach, it is pleasant to do so along the long beach. Never again for. Completely unappealing visually and not much better once you taste.

But, we asked our waiter if they could make a small plate of spaghetti for our picky son, and he happily had it done. Get 5 off your first 3 rides! Room needs serious remodeling.