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We have coffee for all types of machines including for espresso, filter and cafetiere, the coffee is roasted using the state of the art Nuehaus Neotec fluidized air-bed system roasting system which maintains the highest quality and consistency. On retirement from India the family settled in the village of Pluckley which is the most haunted village in England. Out of 5 stars (based on 84 reviews).

Despite attempts to conceal these plans, news of the Goudhurst group reached Hawkhurst, and the leader of the gang vowed to sack the village of Goudhurst and murder all the inhabitants. The gang were slippery customers, and narrowly evaded conviction several times. A blend created by the Smith Family upon their return from India after generations in the tea plantation business. Sometimes referred to as Tisanes, often blended with standard teas. The leaves are dried in a variety of ways including sun drying, firing and steaming. The most famous example of this. Earl Grey which is a blend of North Indian and South China Teas scented with natural Oil of Bergamot. There were several young Chaps with the smuglers who, when taken, will soon discover identify the whole Company.