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Meanwhile Spanky meets up with Alfalfa (Carl Switzer) and takes over his all child anny. The mak- ing-of includes lots of shots of the stars bonding with babies, and features scenes not in the final film. Wallis In diis excellent hard hitting pre code mondity drama from First National Joe Randall (Edward. I went to Lambeth through their external associateship, as they call it People from the provinces come down to London and they do their bits and either they get a pat on the back or they dont. Hioiikis (R aindrops Keep Falling On My Head). Bashell later returned to Enghuid where he directed terror OF THE tongs (6l)! See head- m sockamagee! Roger ComKui wjis :ui uncredited producer of the b/w Warners feature. But if you knew the camera was there, its a whole different ballgame.

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