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Tundras Have This Problem? In fact, your truck would run better, cost less, and be more reliable if it didnt have this systembut it wouldnt be as clean environmentally, so its required by federal law. The pumps and/or valves seem to be malfunctioning at about the same time that Toyotas 3 year/36k mile warranty ends, sometimes at a total cost of more than 4,000. Heres how they determine who gets assistance and who doesnt: Was the vehicle bought new? The system has four main components two pumps and two valves. Heres the background on this problem, whats happening, and what you can do if this problem effects your Tundra.

P0418, P0419, P2440, P2441, P2442, P2443, P2445, and/or P2447. Beware dealers who want to replace the entire system. Dont get us wrong sometimes the entire system (both pumps and valves) will need replacement. Some Tundra owners face air injection pump repairs in excess of 4,000. update* As of May 27th, 2010, Toyota has extended warranty coverage to 6 years and 60k miles for this problem. None the less, the incredible potential expense is cause for concern. What Else You Can. If not, connectors must be checked.

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Obviously, this is a major concern for any 2007 and older Tundra owner. Why Some Parts of The Air Injection System Are Breaking black angus yakima coupons On The Tundra. If the pumps arent working, they must be removed and checked for moisture. In order to figure out whats broken, first the pumps must be tested for function. If you have an 08 Tundra and you bought your vehicle in and live in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, or Rhode Island, some or all of this repair may be covered. Then, regardless of moisture or connection, the valves must also be checked. Be sure to check for parts online before authorizing this repair. Youll probably have to do this a few times and at some time it will stop working but it will prevent this repair as long as possible. Its been brought to our attention that many 2007 or 2008 Tundra owners are being asked to replace their trucks air induction pump assemblies and/or air injection switching valves at a substantial cost. Vehicles Potentially Effected, it seems that all 2007s and that a portion of 20 Tundras are susceptible to this problem (all engines).

Air injection is used to improve cold-start emissions, a federally-mandated emissions requirement. Theres a good thread about this on m with a lot of info, plus some pictures that show rebuilding a pump and this video: If you can get the pump working again as shown in the video, youre a few thousand to the good. The most obvious answer is that water is getting into the pumps from the air intake tubes.

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