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her relatively naked ass as she exited the room post haste. Member Benefit Brochures and will be sent to you upon approval of your membership. "Stage 2 of 3 Complete. With the remote gripped in her hand, Sam finished her breakfast. Her body spent and mind in a fog, several minutes passed before she could put the pieces together.

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Asphyxiation combined with the vibrator had now pushed her on her way to orgasmic meltdown; one that was no longer avoidable. She wanted to believe this was a dream with all her heart. Closing her eyes she imagined the torment her female clients would feel, denied once of life's most basic pleasures. Chapter Four (added: 07/23/2009) Bzzzz Bzzzz Bzzzz Samantha tapped the alarm button on her clock, praying it wouldn't be long before the belt released her from her bed. The vibrator was simply sealing the deal.

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