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all clear what will happen if you do so - you may end up with some test results under your current kit, and the. 3) The autosomal part is strictly for ethnic / geographic research. CeCe Dear Doug, I agree with your comments. Question: Custom Illumina chip was vetted by running against 400 pre-existing WTY samples, finding over 5,000 new nodes to add to the haplotree. This fall for the paper? Geno.0 m/about/ * Does not include STRs - does not replace Y37/Y67/Y111 tests * Does not predict family relationships - does not replace Family Finder * Is not a full mitochrondial sequence - does not replace FMS * Contains no medical information (avoid wrath. You also get this already with Family Finder but that is a very small portion of the Family Finder test. You can probably assume that the other 500 were very geographically diverse in order to meet Nat Geo desire to properly address the world's haplotree.

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People can find numerous options online to consider and shop at Family Tree DNA, using online coupon codes and discounts. Ann Turner It does not match you with relatives and is not a competing product with. 2) I looks like November, 2011 was the cutoff for adding any new content to the custom plate being used. I don't have the exact date and don't" me, but didn't I just read someone said up until November 2011 on one of the threads? With 10,000 new Y-SNPs from around 1,000 submissions (probably 10M base pairs from the 454 scanner) - there is going to be a lot of new raw data to absorb and understand. If I am reading this correctly as to the time when these SNPs were chosen for the chip, all the important discoveries since early loco lizard coupons 2011 will be ignored in Geno.0 and we are back to buying 29 tests for each of these new. At each page, scan the page for a coupon code or promotion code option. So all those who tested FMS mtDNA as well as those with HVR1 and HVR2 testing will have their mutations included. Since the only SNPs on the chip are ones already found by some other method, this apparently means that Geno.0 is finding thousands of additionalinstances of known SNPs.

If a 20 cM match between two parties harbors some differences within it that would be unmasked by more SNP coverage. Just downloading the data from Net Geo and where does that go from there? Unfortunately, many women will order this test (they really should not) as the Y-chromosome will be empty.

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