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Its a bit like Facebook Timeline, were it plugged into all of your social networks and were it customized to be a personal journal. Location : CrunchBase : moki-tv Twitter : n/a Hacker News : n/a Status : pivot to, then acqui-hired by twitter Market : helps you find movies and tv to watch online right now. Location : CrunchBase : makr-io Twitter : n/a Hacker News : n/a Status : live Market : memes and jokes is a collaborative Web remixing tool where users try to one-up each other by posting funny captions on pictures, a la lolcats. To lubricate the experience, theyve invented an ajax navigation system that allows listeners to enjoy seamless audio playback across pageviews. When you find something you like you can Slap It, which adds it to your own video channel called a SlapStrip.

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Microryza Location : Seattle CrunchBase : microryza Twitter : n/a Hacker News : n/a Status : live Market : scientific research tools Microryza is a crowdfunding platform for science and academic research. Standard Treasury Location : San Francisco CrunchBase : standard-treasury Twitter : n/a Hacker News : n/a Status : live Market : financial services and payment processing Standard Treasury creates financial services APIs that simplify interactions between between banks hackers coupons and small businesses. LikeBetter is an online personality test game, where you look at two photos and choose which one you Like Better. The team previously worked on iTeleport, a remote desktop app for iOS and Mac. The plugin is free for individual non-commercial and enterprises will pay for the privilege.

Statwing comes with visualization, a summary sentence, and plain English translation. YCS11 (Summer 2011) View YCS11 on its own page. Were also building premium features to make research and knowledge management more efficient.