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of the others. Additionally, when compared to other popular primers at Sephora, the price isnt unreasonable at all, especially considering that most primers are only 1 oz, whereas the Erborian Glow Creme.5. I do, and heres why. Its not as blurring as a silicone-heavy pore-filling primer, but it does diffuse the light in a way that makes skin appear softer and more even. As you start to spread it, the iridescence starts to show, and thats when the magic happens. . To me, it smells like chamomile and ginseng, with maybe a bit of licorice thrown. It just felt like a lightweight lotion on my skin. Glow Creme is very true to the Korean aesthetic its inspired by in terms of intensity. Ive also used it all over and then applied a mattifying primer to select areas to control excess oil. Its very similar to the scent of the Eau Ginseng lotion/essence, so if you enjoy the smell of one, youll enjoy the smell of the other and vise versa.

erborian discount code

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Today, Im bringing you a review of the.
Erborian, glow Creme, an iridescent makeup priming lotion that might be just what youre looking.
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Its a little bit powdery, but not green or tinnitus formula coupon code patchouli. However, I know most people, myself included, are going to be a little hesitant about paying that much for a primer/glowtion. If you want the dewy skin look, this will definitely give it to you. Erborian is a luxury brand, and at 42 for.5 oz this is on par with other products in Erborians line. I chose these primers for comparison because they were some of the highest rated primers at Sephora. You may find it works for you if you prefer a subtle wet look though (think editorial skin, not just got sprayed with a hose, haha!). Maybe its just a mental thing, but I just couldnt get down with using it that way. The price of this product may be a little much, especially if youre on a budget, but hold on just a sec because I have good news. The packaging is a tall, thin squeeze tube with an iridescent flash that matches the iridescence in the Glow Creme itself, which I thought was a nice touch. Sephora or on, erborians website. It just makes my skin look so healthy and vibrant in a way that draws attention for all the right reasons.

Erborian discount code
erborian discount code