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Charles Chaplin vg 20 Name in Mixed Case Color Strip Cards (Color - 1920s). Kapany India fiberglass 1938 Owens Corning (corp.) US film, photographic 1884 George Eastman US flashlight, battery-operated portable 1899 Conrad Hubert Russia/US flask, vacuum (Thermos) 1892 Sir James Dewar Scotland food processor 1971 Pierre Verdon France foods, freeze-dried 1946 Earl. Drake's Cake Film Stars (B W - 1932) No cards from this set available at the moment. Jackie Coogan vg-ex.

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Mickey Daniels vg. Temple Theatre Cards (B W ) No cards from this set available at the moment. Exhibit Brown 4-in-1 (made.S.A.) Set (1930s) Tom Keene - John King - Russell Hayden - Danny Thomas 4 Buddy Rosendat - Dick Horan - Bob Livingston - John Wayne 10 Exhibit Brown (made.S.A. Jack Gilbert g front, back damage. Film Stars and Animals Strip Cards (1928) smond - Seal 5 Ted Wells - Hyena 5 Strollers Starring In Strip Cards (B W - 1920s) Harry Carey - Starring in Universal Pictures vg- 3 Ann Forrest - Starring in Paramount Pictures vg-ex 4 Ann Forrest. The content was not adapted from. 1904 Christian Hülsmeyer Germany radio 1896 Guglielmo Marconi Italy radio, car early 1920s William. Anon-Pull Here Movie Stars (Brown Tone-1930s) John Boles 8 Anon-Tiny Perforated Film Stars (B W or Color-1950s) B W Cards Rex Allen ex 3 Joan Caulfield ex 3 Gregory Peck ex 5 Sons of the Pioneers ex 3 Charles Starrett vg-ex 3 Color Cards June. Semon f-g. Anon-Save This Photo and Letter Film Stars (B W-1920s) No cards from this set available at the moment. 2000 BC Assyrians Mesopotamia locomotive 1829 George Stephenson England longbow. Reno US eyeglasses 1280s Salvino degli Armati or Alessandro di Spina Italy facsimile (fax) 1842 Alexander Bain Scotland fiber optics 1955 Narinder.

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forrest and harold coupon