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On ) luggage that can be carried aboard an aircraft, bus, or train (UK: hand luggage. Applied to women custodian an association football goalkeeper a keeper or guardian of a person or thing one who cleans and maintains a building; a building superintendent, a janitor Word British English meanings Meanings common to British and American English American English meanings daddy longlegs. Janitor is also used in the UK) jelly a fruit flavoured dessert set with gelatin (US: Jell-O (trademark) a type of condiment,.g. athletics Sport comprising the events in track and field, cross country running, road running and racewalking Athletic sports in general, (e.g. A E the accident and emergency (casualty) department of a hospital (US: emergency room, ER ) 1, arts Entertainment (name of a television network) 1 accumulator rechargeable battery blue buffalo 5 coupon 2 (technical) a type of bet 3 (US: parlay ) one that accumulates, as a type. In an urban or youth setting, "a 40-ounce beer".

From Old Bill ) invoice; request for payment (also US: check, tab ) a proposed law before it is voted on by a legislature a piece of paper money (UK: note/banknote ) billion (traditionally) a million millions (1012) (US: trillion ) thousand million (109) (now. Scot.: burn ; Eng. Understood to mean a police officer of the lowest rank (one who holds no other more specific rank) (US: officer or patrolman ) peace officer in a township without an organised police department official who serves summonses (UK: bailiff or sheriff's officer ) construction the. Apple pie la mode ) allotment a parcel of land in a community garden the amount of something allocated to a particular person alternate (adj.) done or occurring by turns; every second, every other on alternate weeks (n.) one that alternates with another (adj.) constituting. In the phrase "happy Holidays festival, whether or not generally entailing a public holiday: "Halloween is my favorite holiday" home (noun) : condition of domesticity, or one's permanent and regular shelter, but not the physical structure or property. A Dictionary of Modern American Usage (2nd.). "Who's on deck?" (Who is available to do this?). Bum hence butthead * (n.) ( butt-in ) one who butts in (v.) to cut off the end (of a log) ( butt out ) to stop interfering buzzard a bird of prey of the genus Buteo vulture (slang) Word British English meanings Meanings common.

american sweets co uk discount code

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dip switch to lower a vehicle headlight 's beam, typically when approaching vehicles travelling in the opposite direction at night (US: dim hence dip switch (distinguished from DIP switch ) (US: dimmer switch ) (n.) a pickpocket (slang) to lower into a liquid; esp.,. See Federal holidays in the United States ( the Holidays ) the days comprising Christmas and New Year's Day (and Hanukkah and often also Thanksgiving (used esp. For the second portion of the list, see. Looks like we couldn't connect Please try again! A straight punch used in various martial arts janitor an officer in a Masonic Chapter (specialist language) a person employed to oversee the cleaning and security of a public building,.g. Unintentionally* (slang, sometimes vulgar) Word advocare promo code for business cards British English meanings Meanings common to British and American English American English meanings ladder a run (vertical split) in the fabric of tights a vertical or inclined set of rungs or steps.

Foreign, not from the USA. Frog French person (insulting slang an amphibian part of the mechanism of railway points/a railroad switch (Slang) A US Navy seal citation needed. (n.) branchlets or sprigs of an evergreen tree, usually a conifer such as pine, spruce or fir, often used as a Christmas decoration wrapped around human-made structures expiration the exhalation of breath (UK: expiry ) Word British English meanings Meanings common to British and American. "Bugger - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary". or less so he's a mean bugger (slang) term of endearment, often used for children (slang) buggy 2 -wheeled horse-drawn lightweight carriage baby transport vehicle also called (UK) pushchair (US: stroller ) any of various light cart or cars a golf buggy (slang) an automobile. This is the, list of words having different meanings in, british and, american English :. A place for ex-convicts to live while readjusting to society. Domesticated, castrated male reared for slaughter to take more than one's fair share of something ( road hog ) motorist who holds up other traffic by driving slowly or out of lane; any bad driver motorcycle, especially a large one such as a Harley-Davidson (derived.

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