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have any room so I had to scramble, go to a grocery store and get plastic bags! It ranged from top-notch luxury to DIY. He listens one more time before cranking the engine and heading in the direction of the sounds. As with any trip, you basically have a few choices for luggage: Carry on or Suitcase. We spent that time in the range rover bumping over holes in the dirt road and stopping to gaze at monkeys, zebra (As Grant pointed out, Here are some zehbra, or as you Americans like to call them, zeebra!) and Cape Buffalo, absolutely giddy that. Seeing a lion in nature is bad ass no matter what. For example, try to pack no more than 5-7 days worth of clothing and remember that ITS OK to wear the same pants twice. Each drive, we all sent out positive energy and thinking that we would see him, but now that we were in our last hour, were starting to lose hope. Cape Buffalo, when we arrived at the lodge, I knew it was going to be both a relaxing and adventurous few days. Direct from the era of Buck Rogers and.

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african lion safari coupon 2 for 1

As we cut the engine, enjoying watching this one elephant graze, another slowly came into viewthen en another. Its not uncommon to be put into a van or bus with others and you dont want to be that person that takes up so much space just for your stuff! Pants 1 pair of luggagepro coupon code shorts 1 pair of capris jeans 1 pair of convertible pants (mine zipped off from pants to capris) 1 comfortable outfit for plane rides (I like outfits like comfy leggings and one of the tops from above paired w/ the pullover. Save 10 on 35 Order Use Coupon: today10. Of course, we had absolutely no clue where we were in relation to the reserve, but just assumed we were heading back for the night. I quickly found it to be more of a headache to deal with luggage so each trip, my packing list got shorter and shorter. Many people dont include other stops, cities or sites and just do a safari so they are willing to spend more on the actual safari itself.

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