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bear license tag who utilizes the services of a guide or guides shall verify that the guide is in possession of a valid guide's license and shall place the guide's license number on the bear license tag. (p) Fort Hunter Liggett Special Conditions: (1) All tagholders hunting within the exterior boundaries of Fort Hunter Liggett will be required to attend a mandatory hunter orientation. (2 A) Owens Valley Multiple Zone Archery Only 3 0 Shall open on the second Saturday in August and extend for 9 consecutive days. (a) It shall be unlawful to pursue, take or possess any bobcat without first procuring a hunting license and bobcat hunting tags. Period Two of the general season shall open on the first Saturday in September and continue for nine consecutive days. Click through to learn more and get a boatload of cushy benefits for nothing! (D) Number of Tags: 1,000. (2) Applicants shall be California residents or nonresidents, at least 12 years of age on or before July 1 of the license year for which they are applying. (f) No bow or crossbow may be used which will not cast a legal hunting arrow, except flu-flu arrows, a horizontal distance of 130 yards. (i) Department Administered share Roosevelt Elk Hunts Hunt. (B) Season: The season in Zone D-8 shall open on the fourth Saturday in September and extend for 30 consecutive days.

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(B) Season: The season for additional hunt G-3 (Goodale Buck Hunt) shall open on the first Saturday in December and extend for 16 consecutive days. (5) Any person taking any pronghorn antelope shall retain that portion of the head, which bears the horns during the open season and for 15 days thereafter, and shall produce it upon the demand of any officer authorized to enforce the provisions of these regulations. All traps t mobile 30 off coupon shall be visited at least once daily by the owner of the traps or his/her designee. (C) Bag and Possession Limit: One buck, forked horn (see subsection 351(a) or better, per tag. For the taking of migratory game birds, resident small game, furbearers and nongame mammals and birds any arrow or crossbow bolt may be used except as prohibited by subsection (d) below. The program will be implemented only if the department is successful at awarding a grant using non-state funding.