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digital printing paired with authentic foil, letterpress, thermography and glitter are built into the software. Adjust individual lines left, right, up down, adjust character and line spacing, character kerning. In addition, we include the following original fonts. Advanced Image Cropping Advanced image cropping tools let you crop images while still seeing the entire image for reference. The software automatically adjusts the lengths of the columns of names for the most aesthetically pleasing layout. Recent Fonts Menu The Recent Fonts menu keeps track of the 10 most recently used fonts to make it easy for you to quickly select fonts among the ones that you are using for the current design. Fast turnaround at multiple US print facilities and in-country printing at our facility in Canada. Print Services you can design full-color, two-sided, full-bleed digital printed cards with foil, letterpress, thermography, glitter and die cut shapes, as well as napkins, coasters, treat bags and automatic seating charts. Auto Set Paper Size and Manual Feed Tray Tired of always having to click Properties in the Print window to set the paper size or select the manual feed tray when printing stationery? Eraser Tool Use the Eraser tool available within the Selective Color tool to erase just part of an image. The rest of the address has been aligned to the right.

Text Palettes Tool palettes enable easy modification of text and images directly on the card. In addition, PrintingPress Extreme includes 90 days of the Personal Access Plan which includes email technical support. Monochrome Colorize When colorizing an image you can now choose to have it convert to a monochrome image the exact color you choose, even if the original image had gradients and a variety of different colors. Repeated Text and Monograms Add repeated text to the background of any stationery or shape. Below are sample built-in monogram styles including diamond and circle. Text Columns Add columns to the main text area or floating text boxes. Group multiple floating objects to treat them like a single object. Order a stock die template!