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could accrue enough points to get them and it became painfully apparent that, unless I was willing to settle for some sorry Coke key chains, or an occasional free 20-ounce bottle of Coke, I was. I found both shows real-life peek at celebrity addicts half-hearted attempts at recovery absolutely, post office moving package lowes coupon well addicting. The last time I checked, I had 654 points remaining in my account with 60 more still waiting to be deposited in the form of unopened 12-packs in my garage. Couple that with celebrity doctor Drew Pinskys dubious counseling and you had the equivalent of using gasoline to put out a house fire. The Coke Rewards Program Is For Suckers. The Story of a Coke Rewards Addict. And just like any other addiction, nothing really good ever came from.

This is Cokes version of Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown when he tries to kick. Wheres my bottle caps? One day, I finally came to my senses.

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So what has this got to do with Coke Rewards, the loyalty program that rewards frequent. Celebrity Rehab and its companion program, Sober House. After all, the first taste is always free. After that it was a long, ugly decent into the depths of Hades. She needs 2000 points for a giant stuffed Coca-Cola polar bear, Id say with a nervous laugh, hoping nobody knew I was selfishly gunning for the iHome Desk Lamp complete with an iPod dock speakers! I used to be absolutely mesmerized by VH1s. Within a couple months, however, it was apparent that. After all the effort I put in saving Coke Rewards, Id only accrued a total of 1407 points and spent 753 of them and all I had to show for it was two insulated Coca-Cola lunch coolers, and a bright red Coke tee-shirt. As I noted earlier, there were too many instances where Id put an expensive item on my wish list only to see it be removed from the site months later. I know Clarence down in 201 is collecting them too. At first it was just my close friends, but it eventually spread to anybody I was remotely acquainted with who I saw with a Coke in their hand.

So I started shaking them down in the hallways. If anybody wants to take advantage of my unused Coke Rewards codes printed on the cartons, theyll be in the trash can; feel free to take them. Why bother with the contrived scenarios of those. Eventually I became paranoid.