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time, you stepped off me? I ain't al jolson and sambo, low like a buddhist sniffin? Try to gel chubb yeah dat serch so you know we gotta we gotta rip this chubb serch let's go kick that shit. Serch aiyyo pete, it's chubbs chubb sup g?

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For this i stick like a splinter Play ya like a sphincter cause my title's minister Serch said kick em, i gas em and trick em Rhymes like?, now chubb, stick em chubb rock Jump jump with the man with the plan, chubb rock You. That the 3rd'll disturb the verb with the noun. To be or not to be on, your. Bring the kit to ben case. Like a camel to? Why you still vexed over things i haven't even said yet. Tugs on my shirt, let me know that i'm still pro-fessional. Try to flam i'll be like claude van damme and just kick em in the grill "kick em in the grill." "3rd bass" "kick em in the grill." "i'm chubb rock" "kick em in the grill." "serch!" "kick em in the grill. And my crew give pounds and hugs. Aiyyo pete, it's chubbs Chubb sup g?

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